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When going to an Adam green gig you know there’s always going to be an underlining humour and wit amongst Adams compositions. There’s a sharp entrance to the stage at half past nine, the first notes of new single ‘Emily’ to a cheers and sing along amongst a packed out Birmingham Bar a certain amount of surprise as not having heard the majority of the new material the crowd is so positive. Most of the set list consists of his third album Gemstones as the albums music seems to lend towards a new cabaret style the whole night reminds of Las Vega showroom. Through out the audience are fixated by Adams stage presence, their voices mutter along to smut ridden adult nursery rhymes of choke on a cock and no bad way to fuck a girl with no legs which are riddled with statements of political issues to simply funny opinions, but it’s the Lo-FI anthems of come dance with me and Jessica which have the crowd singing throughout and trust me hearing a large number of people shouting Jessica Simpson you could be mistaken to be at a her very own concert kind of makes you smile at the irony. Questionably what makes a crowd have such a reaction to a filthy mouthed trendy from New York its truly due to the foundation of folk blueprint that lay amongst all Adam’s songs talking about everyday occurrences to the absurd which endears the audience to him and his common aspiration to have fun at all times. After a short exit from the stage Adams enters alone clasping an acoustic guitar to perform a brilliant folk rendition of the libertines song ‘what a waster’ this performance is the high point of the whole gig.

Review by Lee Hooper