Since the war in Iraq, opposition to George W. Bush, his administration and his allies has been mounting, with ever more organisations springing up to voice their discontent. One such organisation is Bands Against Bush, a coalition of bands, labels and other music enthusiasts, with groups springing up all around the world, and bands such as Sonic Youth, Courtney Love, Electric Eel Shock, The Pattern and Erase Errata pledging their support.
BAB are planning an International Day of Action for Saturday 11th October, with concerts and other events planned to raise

awareness for all the participating groups.

We spoke to Justin McKaughan of BAB Olympia to find out more.

"A main aim is to get the message out to the voters and the youth that the bush administration is hella fucked up and does not listen to the people, only to fat ass white crackers with connects to the evil capitalist underworld. We are hoping to achieve this through concerts with speakers that will speak out about the war, more events after October 11th, events closer to the election, and a hell of a lot more if bush calls off the election for some crazy reason (like the dictators do that are supported by the CIA). Our election is coming up in 2004, in November, so we have a year and one month to get the message through music out to our communities. The shift of power won't happen here until January 2005, when a new president will be in office, unless bush lets another
terrorist attack hit right before the elections and declares martial law and calls off the elections and travel outside the US."

Justin joined up after finding a flyer at Evergreen; "I thought, shit that's an awesome idea. doing a concert that makes bush look like the bunk acid trip he is", and he hopes that events such as those to be held on October 11th will bring yet more supporters to their cause.

As to what they've got in store for us, Justin sums up the Olympia festivities; "Courtney Love is going to hold a cakewalk at the Capitol Theater at 8am, clean and sober, which then leads to native drumming at the Capitol Campus(former home of Camp Rachel, in tribute to my buddy Rachel Corrie) at 11am (which is on Saturday, October 11th) rock bands like The Gossip, Shoplifting, Scream Club, a freestyle rap session, and speakers!!! Then at the Capitol Theater, there will be bands from 8pm until midnight, with Romantic Retard Nation, Liarbird, Saints of Everyday Failure, King Cobra, and Wolves in the Throne Room. Also, there is a show at a bar called Le Voyeur with Chief and the Wizards of Gore."

He also feels that by getting bands involved, and by organising events in politically active areas such as Olympia, BAB can get their message out to more people than other protest groups; "Everyone loves concerts here, and they like to protest, so it just makes sense. Kinda too perfect of a sense. There has been great success. The local newspaper, The Olympian, has done write ups even with photos! People want to know know know. The benefits have been awesome. to
quote the B52s "folks lining up outside just to get down".

Justin is also confident that through the more politically active members of the local community, they can also attract those who might not usually get involved in this kind of protest; "It's kinda like a big choir singing to the congregation. But the church always hopes to convert new people. They go door to door, put up posters, have big free shows in public spaces (we have a church group in Olympia, non Bands Against Bush affiliated, that has a flat bed truck that has dancers and rappers perform for Christ outside the bus station in downtown Olympia), and hope that the church gets more converts in the process. Their message: John 3:16, our message: fuck bush."

Concerts and events will be happening around the world on October 11th, to find your nearest event, and to get involved, visit www.bandsagainstbush.com