Nottinghamshire band Fin released one of the best singles of 2003 with 'Waking Up On A Sunday', all chimming guitars, whispered vocals, epic melodies and even some distorted bass guitar in the middle and on the strength of that and some very confident live shows as headliners as well as support on Wheatus' last tour they are preparing to take the world by storm in 2004. Musically there are strong hints of Coldplay and Travis without the band losing its own identity and plenty of invention in the way they write and
record their songs mixing fragile melodies with robust production to keep things sounding fresh.

Look out for their new single, 'Turn My Head' due for release in February 2004, and an album some time later in the year if you fancy a break from the normal as they are not quite pop, not quite indie but are shaping up to be something very special indeed.

Visit www.fin-online.co.uk or read Joy's review of 'Waking Up on a Sunday'.

Written by Darren Bunting