>FONDA 500

The problem with interviewing Fonda 500 is that you are deluged with so many blatant (if entertaining) outright lies, that it's hard to know when they're telling the truth.
" I'm half Japanese", claims vocalist Simon, when the subject of a manga influence on the band's style is brought up, "Everything below here is from Japan."


This is Fonda's third Truck Fest and as such, they know what makes it special:
S: "The food's really good - The Rotary club do the best bacon rolls in the world. The toilets are quite good too."
They've also seen changes in the way the festival has been organised over the past few years,
S: "It's got more commercial, there's more record company bands this year. Like ESP last night, what was that? They didn't do any Soft Parade songs except for the last couple."
These gripes aside, they remain upbeat about the event; "It's a good festival all in all, I just don't like the weather, it's a bit hot. Everyone's really friendly, which is what it's all about. Of course, we are the best."

Simon - Vocals/Keys/Guitar
Bod - Bass/Keys
Paul - Guitar
Nicholas - Guitar/Keyboards
Ian - Drums/Vocals

And they proved it with the most enjoyable set of the festival, a set of mutant pop creations about computers, aliens, insects, and people who's hair bounces up and down on speakers, honed from casio keyboards and too much time spent watching cartoons, all interspersed with the bands dry wit, a song dedicated to Ian the drummer (called 'Ian is a Drummer') and a matching set of black sombreros, which are then cast into the crowd. However, they are quick to state that they are NOT a comedy band; "We'll say when we're a comedy band."

Theirs was perhaps the most diverse of the audiences at Truck Fest all weekend, the front row consisted of one knackered webzine editor, several members of the other bands (including Black Nielson's guitarist performing a synchronised dance routine with a friend), a bunch of old blokes (including one in a large green sombrero), and a couple of kids ("They're mine", claims Simon, "I got them from Indonesia.")

After a while, I just stopped trying to get the truth out of them, what they were coming out with was far more interesting anyway, bit like their music I suppose (well you try to make sense of the lyrics of 'Computer Freaks of the Galaxy').