Caught by the Fuzz

They’re based in New Cross, but they’re not in a ‘scene’. They flourished in Berlin but they don’t see themselves as part of the underground rock illuminati. They’re affiliated with bloc party, but don’t call them art rock. One thing Ladyfuzz do adhere to though is taking out crowds with a dangerously infectious racket, and pop sensibilities coupled with a new-wave chic sadly lacking in most groups these days.

All born on the 13th (lucky for some) Liz (guitar/vocals), the impressively monikered Matt Lord (guitar) and Ben (drums) met when Liz and Ben fired their original bassist while on a demo-recording mission in Southend and stumbled across Matt, playing guitar with his original band. "We nicked him" Liz informs me "then we had one rehearsal, one gig and it all went mad after that". Indeed it did.

After a piranha-like onslaught of label attention they decamped to Berlin on the advice of managers who advised them to hone their live show far from the maddening crowd. They arrived at the tail-end of the neo-cabaret scene (oft championed by Peaches) and found a Berlin worn out from all that Weimar decadence. "They loved us. I was speaking to people out there and they were saying how nothing really good is going on in Berlin ‘cause everyone is on a gimmick music thing, no real rock bands." They found themselves rehearsing seven hours a day in a bunker underneath Hitler’s airport (no shit) and happened to be in the presence of the phantom of supa-indulgent wanky guitarist Steve Vai (who I’m pretty sure isn’t dead yet) "He occasionally took over Matt’s body".

After a string of successful shows and a new undead complexion ("its sunny outside, and you find yourself in a bunker getting paler and paler") the band returned to London with a tight new live show. It seems that vitamin D deficiency and hanging out with undead space-rockers did nothing to harm the band if their set at the Caernarvon Castle in Camden is anything to go by. Guitarist Matt’s overdubbed guitar work is reminiscent of Thurston Moore of Sonic Youth, creating

Liz Neumayr - Vocals & Guitar
Matt Lord - Guitar
Ben - Drums

Oh Marie

Live - London Rouge

Oh Marie - Video

Official Site
Transgressive Records

walls of sound complimented rather nicely by Ben’s military precision drumming. Couple this with Liz’s vocals, reminiscent of ‘Parallel lines’ era Debbie Harry and you’ve got yourself a lovingly crafted rock beast. Desire, love, lust, loathing and Steve Vai smiling upon them from above, who could ask for more?

The single ‘Oh Marie’ is out on the Transgressive label now.

Interview by James Williams