So, the Joyfest experiment is finished, and we're left tired, poor, but with a maniacal grin on our faces. To call it a success might be to stretch the definition of the word, but to nick a line from The Rocks, it was brilliant and rubbish.

We'd like to thank all of the bands (except for the few that were a bunch of twats), for putting on such magnificent performances in difficult circumstances, and to send out a massive thankyou to the few people who actually bought tickets, I hope you enjoyed yourselves as much as we did.

Here's a few of my personal highs & lows for the weekend:

The Rocks, Special Needs, Mika Bomb & Art Brut, for performing such wonderfully ramshackle and infectiously enthusiastic sets, that captured exactly what Joyfest was all about.
Bikini Atoll, for being so beautiful they made me cry.
We Will Be Pilots + October All Over, the best new discoveries of the whole festival.
The Violets, for backrubs & scuzzy riffs.
Bands in the crowd - The Long Blondes kicked us off and before long everyone was at it - top audience rambling marks to Mika Bomb, The Violets, Art Brut and thisGIRL.
The Favours, The IK+ & Rhesus, battling it out for the title of nicest band in rock.
The Vichy Government for their book dispensing (although I missed out on Alex Hurricane Higgins' autobiography).
The Boyfriends, for providing the true anthem of Joyfest.
Art Brut (Top of the Pops!) for giving all the other bands (Top of the Pops!) a namecheck.
The following bands for their charity and good nature: The Favours, Art Brut, The Boyfriends, Rhesus, The Swear, The Violets, Ciccone, New Rhodes & Black Nielson.
And finally, everyone who helped us out on the day, especially Dan Woodall, without whom I would probably be writing this from the psychiatric ward of my local hospital.

Bands who think they're The Libertines (one lot of Libs is bad enough, we don't need 3rd rate imitations).
Managers who act like 7 year old children ("I'm taking my kit & going home").
Utter cunts who think that throwing lightbulbs at people is a enjoyable and fulfilling way of passing time.
Beer at £2.90 a pint.

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