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>DAMN PEST - New zine focussed on the heartland of New Cross and its quite wonderful Music Tourist Board
- Literature, arts, politics and music all under one roof
- A community for people to write about music and entertainment they live with
>KITTEN PAINTING - No, not the latest sadistic net craze fresh from Japan, but the prettiest little music zine in the whole wide web
>DISKANT - Huge directory of independent music sites
>PLAYLOUDER - Does all the usual stuff better than most, just don't sign up for their mailing list, or you'll find out where I get most of my news stories from
>PLAN B - Everett True's (formerly of Careless Talk Costs Lives) latest effort - time will tell if it can stand up to the magnificence of CTCL
- Home of Steve Gullick - music photography legend, and his ace magazine and label Loose Lips Sink Ships
>BALLROOM FAVOURITES - One day, all webzines will look this good
>DO SOMETHING PRETTY - They do, and it's a lovely zine with news & reviews & all the other stuff that zines do
>SUPERSTITION - another music zine with a nice selection of bands
>GOD IS IN THE TV - Cultural fanzine featuring new records, films and events that aren't covered by other publications
>SCREAMING TARTS - An excellent site with reviews, interview, features, and that rarest of things, an active message board.
>SOUNDS XP - Rubbish name, great site
- Nicely presented site reviewing a lot of the same bands as are on Joy - sign up for free music downloads
>NO RIPCORD - Quality reviews site
>GIRL MUSO - Loads of info for and about girls in bands
>STEREOHEAD - Slightly scary looking red website chocka with top notch reviews


>FILTHY LITTLE ANGELS - New label & home to The Violets, The Favours, The Swear and more, also co-promoters of Joyfest
>VIOLENCE AT BUS STOPS - Joy-writer Chrissy's fabulous Leeds/Manchester gig night
>ROCKLANDS - Putting South London music on the map
>ANGULAR RECORDS - Home of the wonderful New Cross compilations
>BLUE CAT MUSIC - Is it a record label? Is it a zine? Is it a venue? Well yes actually, and much more besides. Check out the best music in Manchester.
>ARTROCKER - Home of the best music mailing list on the web. Check out their free gigs every week at The Buffalo Bar, London
>TAXI - the world's leading independent A&R company helping unsigned bands, artists and songwriters get record deals, publishing deals and placement in films and TV shows.
>AJ PLUGGING - Plugger for both unsigned and signed indie bands

>GO GET WISE - Music news, reviews and events for Hull and the surrounding area brought to you by Joyzine contributore Darren Bunting
- Mouthwateringly gorgeous music, fashion and art photography

- Those of you who used my old site's messageboard may already be familiar with Ben - this is his site
>THE ULTIMATE BAND LIST - Doesn't quite live up to its name, but a pretty huge resource of links anyway
>THE INDIE BIBLE - Links to about a million independent music sites of varying quality
>TOURDATES.CO.UK - A site with tour dates on, who would have guessed?
>BACKSTAGE MUSIC - Some of the best music photography in London
>THREADLESS - OK, so it's not entirely music based, but Threadless does contain some of the best T-shirts on the web