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Having been blown away by their incendiary set just a couple of hours before, I am now sitting with M.A.S.S., chatting about bands.
" I saw this amazing gig last night in Hammersmith", say singer Justine, "band called Special Needs. Have you heard of them?"
Have I? I'm only kind of half working for the label who are putting out their debut single 'Sylvia' (out some time in September), and
happened to be at the very same gig (The Rocks & the guy who invaded Windsor Castle dressed as Osama Bin Laden played too).

Anyway, their fantastic taste in new bands aside, M.A.S.S. are a very special band in their own right, fusing garage punk and 50s rock 'n' roll in a manner so simple and catchy you can't quite work out why no-one's done it like this before, and topping it off with Justine's jawdroppingly beautiful vocals (someone who can

Justine Berry - Vocals
Jonny Green - Guitar/Vocals
Andy Miller - Guitar
Paul Hegland - Bass
Stuart MacMillan - Drums

Hey Gravity
Live a Little/Give Me a Break

Hackney Ocean, w/ The Favours + Turismo
Truck Fest


Official Site
M.A.S.S. Fan Club
Purr - Label site
M.A.S.S. Yahoo Group

actually sing fronting a rock band? Who would have thought it?)

Of course, being a female fronted underground rock band, all of their reviews have mentioned the Yeah Yeah Yeahs;
" It's useful in a way, it kind of breaks a wave, but we just don't sound anything like them." claims Jonny.

" The only similarity between us is that I'm a woman." adds Justine, "Although, I must admit, I don't mind the Blondie comparisons."

M.A.S.S. are fresh from a tour of France, where

they've recently played a huge festival, supporting The Libertines, so is it much of a culture clash coming back to a festival this small?
JG: "It's nice here, everyone seems to know each other. The French thing was great though, it really seems to be happening for us out there, the atmosphere's good too. I like the French attitude to drinking, where they grow up in a culture where you have a glass of wine as part of your meal. Over here people just seem to drink to get pissed sometimes."

As for the future, there's an album on the way, and more touring, and if the new material's as good as previous singles 'Hey Gravity' and 'Live a Little', they may well get through to the M.A.S.S.es after all.

Interview & Pictures by Paul Madden