What was growing up in Penzance like?
Rory: Long…boring. A good place to leave.

So how come you came to Sheffield and met these guys?
R:I wanted to get somewhere as far away as possible.
John: Didn’t quite get to John O’Groats though.
R No not quite.

Was that for college then?
R: Yeah I did a really crap university course. These guys were doing art and stuff whilst I was training to be an accountant.

Rory Lewarne - Vocals
Steven Santacruz -
Guitar & Vocals
Marc Hoad - Drums
Nick Collier - The
Stuart Faulkner - Bass &
John Joseph Lynch -
Guitar, Saxophone, Synth
& Vocals

This Is For Real
All Over You

The Pink G.R.Ease
The Nasty Show (DVD)
Working All Day

Camden Barfly
London Astoria

This is for Real

The Pink G.R.Ease

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Horseglue Records


Really…an accountant?
R: No. Not really
J: Eddie Izzard was going to be an accountant…

Ok then what would you be doing if you weren’t Pink Grease?
Stuart: A groupie.
R: I wouldn’t be anything. I’d be a bum. These guys have all got extra interests, other exciting lives but I haven’t.
S: It’s important to have a hobby isn’t it?
R: Everyone needs a hobby. Yes.
S: You’re a good reader, you’d make a phenomenal librarian. You’ve done the noisy bit now. You should try something quiet.
J: I thought you said weeder. Are we talking about gardening?


R: Er no, I'm not very good at that but I could learn
S: You’re very down to earth…
R: This band’s on the verge of implosion so-
S: Expect a concept garden from Pink Grease very soon!
J: Stuart’s best mates with Laurence Llwellyn Bowen. They sleep with each other . Rory’s their wet nurse.
S: He’s a proper nice guy. LLB my main man!
John: He signed our cd for us.

Wow celebrities! Who else have you met?
R: We met Sylvain Sylvain from the New York Dolls at Reading. That was cool.

Are they a big influence on your music then?


R: Yeah, yeah particularly in the conception, in the early days, musically less so now.

Where’s the music heading right now then?
R: We’ve got a new single out in January. It’s called Strip.

Will there be another album following it?
S: I think there probably will be at some point but this is kind of a limited edition thing…
J: But it’s looking toward our next album.
R: It’s a chance to work out some ideas.

You sound busy. Especially with the big tour coming up, Australia, Japan, Italy…
J: It’s all the time. It never stops
R: You just lose your social life.

You are looking forward to it though?
R: Yeah, no we are really.

Anything in particular?
J: Barbecues.
S: Ramsey street! I wanna bring back bits of the set. I’m going on a pilgrimage, I’ve gotta steal so much. I want

to bring back some Australian bush.
J: You should steal the sign, the one in the titles.

S: It’s welded on though.

You had a neon Pink Grease sign which was stolen over the summer, any news of the filthy scoundrels who took it?
S: We’ve got a new one tonight. We bumped into the people who stole the last one though.
J: We’ve got pictures of them on CCTV. They thought they got away with it didn’t they…
S: It’s a compliment though.
R: Yeah Stuarts hard work
J: It’s probably on eBay now…
R: The new one’s really good, but he’s done the classic thing of starting really big with the Pink then realised there isn’t much room for the Grease at the end.

A man of many talents Stuart.

J: Well it’s Nick who’s really into all the electronic stuff. Where’s Nick?

What’s happening with The Machine 2?
Nick: It’s nearly finished. It’s kind of see-through and all different colours.
R: And there’s another ribbon on it so it can do several notes at the same time and do harmonies and stuff.

S: It sounds even more like a human voice as well, because Nick always wanted to be an opera singer.

And the Pink Grease bus?
S: It got broken into the other day and trashed.
J: They’re fixing it.
S: We were supposed to be bringing it down today but we will have a big party on it some time.
J: We’ve gotta sort out the logistics of actually using it
S: We had insurance problems with it and when they got sorted out it got robbed and trashed. We had a wonderful time in Cornwall with it though.

Who came up with the idea originally?

J: Barry of Add N to X. He’s gonna move into it when we’ve finished with it.
R: We’re gonna take it to Eton when it’s fixed and do a gig in Eton with this big massive pink bus and just terrify all the Eton boys.
J: I can’t think of anything worse.
R: Well…you know, at least it’s surreal.

If you could play a gig anywhere where would it be?
R: On a platform on the Pacific. To the seagulls.
S: On top of the Statue of Liberty
N: Underground maybe.
J: On a hot air balloon.
S: No I wouldn’t like to do a show on a hot air balloon. I’d like to do a show, and I’d like to ride in a hot air

balloon, but not at the same time.
J: Yeah, it’s a bit of a recipe for someone getting killed.
R: I’d like to play in here and get paid in falafel.

What are the Greasettes up to?
J: Living their lives. This band sucks people into it and spits them out again.

R: Yeah there was a period where we had very specific Greasette friends of ours. They did the costume dress up thing and had all that sass and “trademark Spice Girls girl-power” but yeah this band takes over peoples lives and they just wanted to go off and do their own thing. On the album we’ve got Claire Grogan [of 80s pop band Altered Images] singing bits.
S: (singing) Happy birthday…happy birthday…
R: You can recognise her voice aswell, if you listen and are aware of it, you can hear that weird child-like voice.
J: Yeah it’s really clear, that weird high chipmunk voice.
R: Oh yeah but it’s beautiful too. She’s still sexy.

If you got put in government for a day what would you change?

R: I would insist on a good puplic health and a good education policy. Public spirited things rather than comedy
J: We could paint the houses of parliament pink though. They’re a bit drab.
I think Education is important. It’s the three E’s for me; education, education, education.

So you wouldn’t encourage throwing it all away for a life of sin in the music industry then?
R: Er...no, don’t do as I do kids. Don’t drink either ’cos that’s like really bad. Isn’t that right Stu?
S: There’s always water though.
R: Oh yeah, drink water. Yeah I think we’d make people drink more water. Because it’s healthy.

J: I think we’d encourage friendliness.

Finally, where do you see yourselves in a few years time?
R: I want to take the pink bus to Tibet…
S: We could have a Pink Grease monk driving the bus, with little pink driving goggles and a white scarf…called Butch.
R: ...no, wait we could have a pink jet!
J: We’re currently working on a new band, Pink Grease Juniors. They’re going to replace us when we’re too old and lazy.
S: Yeah, expect big things

Interview by Ellie Plevin