Chris Olley - Vocals/Guitar
James Flower - Sax/Organ
Chris Davis - Drums

The Things We Make
The Closer You Get
The Way I Feel Today

European Me
For You
Two and a Half Days in Love With You
Ten Places to Die
New Year
Eat Junk Become Junk
So Close
I O U Love
All My New Best Friends
Bochum (Light Up My Life)

Highbury Garage 14.12.03
Reading Festival 2002

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  It's been a tricky few months for Six By Seven; losing founder member and bassist Paul Douglas and being dropped by Mantra Recordings, but the Nottingham trio remain resolutely focussed on creating their intense, sharp edged sound;

'What else would I do?'

That's singer/guitarist Chris Olley, who's shards of guitar and soaring/larynx shredding vocals punctuate the hypnotic grooves laid down by his bandmates.

'There was never any discussion about not keeping going. We had just got a new rehearsal room and I wrote a couple of songs and played them to the band and so we just thought we might as well meet up and play some music together. It wasn't very long before we realised that the band still sounded good.'

And to prove just how good they sound, they've got a new single

'Bochum' out on 29th September through Fierce Panda. It contains 14 tracks. What's all that about?

'I did these loops on my laptop while we were on tour...they were mean't to be start points for Six By Seven songs. The other guys wanted to put them on the single as the two main songs had been made up of 2 of the loops and also, I don't think anyone has ever put a 14 track single out! It's a good thing to come back with.'

Chris is also very happy to be back working with Fierce Panda, for whom the band had previously recorded a cover version of The Delgados 'Pull The Wires From The Wall';

'They were the first people we phoned up, they had already offered to do We thought they would be great to work with and we were very lucky that they liked the songs.'

So far, they have eleven songs for the new album, with more to come, and a UK tour has been booked for the autumn;
'We have to keep writing new songs and playing them live. We are trying to develop the live thing into a bit more of a show though!'